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repair5One thing about jewelry that many people understand is that from time to time, it needs to be checked for wear or damage.
We perform jewelry maintenance every day, and our customer's know they can count on us to take their very special items in, repair, clean and restore them to almost new condition. When your precious jewelry leaves our store, you'll be impressed as to how clean, polished and durable it is, just as it was the day that you originally purchased them.
With that said, here are some important things to know about your jewelry, and how it can wear over time...

Your Rings – Heads and prongs often get worn down, causing some damage to gemstones. If those prongs wear down too repair4much, you may even run the risk of loosing diamonds or gemstones that our set in the top of your rings. The wear is due to daily use, gold and silver are soft metals, and when they rub against things like desks or counters, the metal bends, wears down or breaks off. In addition to the top prongs and heads, you should also have the ring shank (the bottom round part) checked too. These areas of rings are worn down over time just by holding items in your hands. When they get worn, evident by 'thinning' of the bottom part of your ring, they need to be repaired or replaced. Symptoms of worn shanks usually show cracks or breaks in the bottom half of a ring.
In our climate, due to the cold weather, we often wear gloves. Not that you should worry about wearing gloves, but, be careful and realize that when rings do get worn down, the prongs or heads can often catch on the inside part of your gloves and cause a bent prong or the lose of a gemstone or diamond. We always recommend that you have your rings checked either on an annual basis or a semi-annual basis so that we can help you better maintain your beautiful and often memorable items.


Your Chains – Necklaces, pendants, anklets and bracelets should also be checked for wear occasionally. Some of the breaks we often see are in the form of broken or bent clasps. Usually, when a clasp bends or starts to catch on things, it is often time to replace it. Other areas of chain/pendant items we see are worn bails (the upper part of a pendant where the chain loops through). Bails tend to wear out as if the chain was acting like a saw blade, and start to cut grooves into the bail. Sometimes, if not checked, the bail will actually break apart, and you could run the risk of loosing a pendant.
Chains are often made of of different styles of links. One important maintenance tip we suggest is that from time to time you have these items professionally cleaned so as to get any dirty grit out of the bracelet or chain. This grit, (every day dirt and dust), gets stuck into the links of bracelets, chains and anklets, and as the gold links rub against one another, causes a grinding and wearing of your jewelry. Keeping it clean is the best way to prolong the life of your item, but, if it breaks, we can fix it without issue.


Earrings – Earrings do not take the wear that most other jewelry takes. However, you should be aware that the backings, even screw-backs, wear down and loosen up. This could result in the lost of an earrings, that is some cases can not be duplicated. Gather up all your earrings on occasion and bring them in, where we can inspect them for you and provides some preventative care for you.


We perform our jewelry repairs using many of the old techniques used for hundreds of years. However, with today's technology, we even offer Laser repairs for your broken and damaged items that normal repair processes may damage during the repair of your item.
Laser Technology allows us to weld your items, repairing them without affecting any of the surrounding material or softer gemstones that the use of a torch may cause.


So, remember that you can always count on use to keep you up to date on the condition of your items, and if they do need repair, you'll know that we always take the best precautions to see that your special jewelry is repaired to last a lifetime!

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